Two friends use ChatGPT to build AI tool ₹15,000, sell it for ₹1 crore

Two friends use ChatGPT to build AI tool 15,000, sell it for 1 crore


Chatgpt is capable of assisting you in drafting various types of content, such as letters, tweets, and even business plans. Interestingly, it can also aid in the design of tech tools that can be sold to investors. In fact, it has already proven its effectiveness in doing so for two young individuals who were able to generate an impressive revenue of over ₹one crore by selling their tech tool.

Two friends named Salvatore Aiello and Monica Powers used a cool tool called ChatGPT to help them come up with a business idea. They called their tool DimeADozen.

They didn’t have a lot of money to start with, just $185. But, they were lucky because their small investment turned into a big success. They sold their tool, DimeADozen, for a huge amount of money, around $150,000.

CNBC reported that a guy named Felipe Arosemena and a lady named Danielle de Corneille bought DimeADozen for even more money, over ₹1.2 Crore.


Salvatore Aiello is a techie with 17 years of experience in engineering, including nearly a decade as a CTO and startup founder. He has seen the web evolve from jQuery to React, and has worked on everything from backoffice tools to clientfacing applications. He has also launched several startups.


As a product and founder, he is the one who makes the most important decisions, and he focuses on making sure that the product meets the needs of its customers.

Monica Powers is a seasoned professional with more than 15 years of experience in building earlystage companies. She has worked in a variety of industries, including education, AI, and finance.

She played a key role in the growth of ClassDojo, a company that she helped grow from 5,000 to 50 million users. ClassDojo is now used in most K8 schools in the United States and in over 180 countries. She has also held important positions at companies like Hum Capital, where she was Chief Product Officer and Head of Design, and she founded Cheeky Brands.

DimeADozen is an AIpowered tool that helps entrepreneurs create detailed reports about their business ideas. It analyzes potential investors, customers, and competitors to provide valuable insights quickly and efficiently.


It all began when they both started using ChatGPT to ask clever questions and improve them to gather helpful information.

They soon realized that many others could also benefit from this and decided to create an AI research tool. They named it DimeADozen, which made the process much easier. People could simply share their ideas by filling out a form, and the tool would use advanced mathematics to generate detailed reports on potential investors, customers, and competitors.

According to CNBC, in just seven months, they managed to earn over $66,000.

Even though they sold the business, they continue to serve as advisors for the company. Their ultimate goal is to have their tool widely adopted by major companies like Salesforce.

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