Barcelona says sorry for removing Vinicius Junior ‘clown’ post

Barcelona says sorry for removing Vinicius Junior ‘clown’ post


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Barcelona recently apologized to Vinícius Júnior because one of their board members said mean and racist things about him. The board member made these comments on social media after Vinícius showed off his skills during a game. Even though the board member deleted his post, it had already gotten a lot of attention in Spain. Barcelona’s vice president said that the post was wrong and promised it wouldn’t happen again.

Vinícius has sadly experienced racist abuse from fans of other teams in the past, and he even had to go to court to give evidence against people who racially abused him. These recent comments have caused even more tension between Barcelona and Real Madrid before their upcoming match.

Barcelona’s coach, Xavi Hernandez, wants to diffuse the tension and believes that if the board member deleted his post, there’s no need to talk about it anymore. Xavi thinks it’s important to have fair play and respect in the game.

There are reports that Madrid’s president might not go to the game in Barcelona as a protest against the social media post. Xavi agrees that all this drama is creating a bad atmosphere and doesn’t want to contribute to the tension.

After Barcelona’s win in another game, Xavi praised a young player named Fermín López, who scored a goal and almost scored two more. Xavi thinks that López has the potential to become a key player in the future.

Even though João Félix got injured in the game, he says he will still be able to play against Madrid. Barcelona, on the other hand, has some players who are injured and some who might not be able to play.

Barcelona is currently in third place in LaLiga, just one point behind Madrid. .


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